Can you help fund our General Election campaign?

We have launched Crowdfunder appeals to raise funds to help our candidates Jonathan Essex and Nicola Dodgson campaign in the 2015 General Election.

See Jonathan’s campaign at:

See Nicola’s campaign at:

Jonathan is a chartered engineer and environmentalist who works for an international development consultancy in Redhill. He serves as a Green Councillor for Redhill East on both Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

Nicola is a local healthworker in the NHS, and a part-time student of Social Sciences with Environment and Politics with the Open University. She has a history of anti-war and anti-cuts campaigning, and joined the Green Party in April 2014.

Jonathan explains, “Unlike the other main parties, the Greens are not backed by corporate donors and multimillionaires. We rely on ordinary people. We are asking people to pledge what they can to help us cover the election deposit and the costs of printing leaflets and letters to reach voters and tell them about Green policies.

“With declining support for the established parties and disillusionment with the Coalition Government, there is a real opportunity for the Green Party in this new and unpredictable political landscape.”

Crowdfunding has already been highly successful in raising campaign funds for Green candidates across the country. Together, we’ve raised more than £95,000 this way.

Jonathan hopes to raise £2,000.  You can pledge to support him at

Nicola hopes to raise £500. You can pledge to support her at


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