Introducing our General Election candidates

There will be a General Election on 7 May 2015 – and it promises to be an interesting one!

Amid declining support for the established parties and disillusionment with the Coalition Government, there is a real opportunity for the Greens in this new and unpredictable political landscape.

We are standing in all three parliamentary constituencies within our area.

Reigate constituency

Reigate constituency covers most of the Borough. Our candidate here is Jonathan Essex.

Cllr Jonathan Essex

Cllr Jonathan Essex

Jonathan is a chartered engineer and environmentalist who has worked in the UK, Bangladesh and Vietnam on power, transport and maritime infrastructure projects. He serves as Green Councillor for Redhill East on both Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

Jonathan says, “Now is a crucial time to stand up for a different kind of politics in the UK. The current government has demolished the planning system, resulting in a Green Belt under threat and far less affordable housing being built. It has made savage cuts to the Environment Agency which is responsible for policing our landfill site in Redhill and protecting us from flooding. Meanwhile the government has shown that we are not “all in this together”. Both the privatisation of the NHS and the growing inequality that is making life harder for the low-paid and vulnerable people in our community are being led by Surrey MPs. Surely, now is time for real change.”

 East Surrey constituency

East Surrey includes Horley Central, Horley East and Horley West Wards. Our candidate here is Nicola Dodgson.

Nicola Dodgson

Nicola Dodgson

Nicola is a health worker and a part-time student with the Open University, studying Social Sciences with Environment and Politics.

She says: “We urgently need to rebalance our socio-economic system to benefit ordinary people. That means properly-funded public services and welfare systems to support everyone that needs them, whilst making sure those with the most pay their fair share, and protecting the environment we all depend on.  Only the Green Party have the will and the policies to make that happen.”

 Epsom & Ewell constituency

Epsom & Ewell constituency includes Nork and Tattenhams Wards. Our candidate here is Susan McGrath.

Susan McGrath

Susan McGrath

Susan McGrath is a counsellor and therapist.  Until recently she was a Student Counsellor at the University of Surrey.

Susan says, “I am standing as a candidate because of my concerns about climate change and the fact that all of the other political parties are paying lip service to really tackling the problem.  It seems to me that it requires tough leadership, vision, commitment and the will to address this pressing challenge, all of which the Green Party embody.  It also goes to the heart of all other issues including, economics, immigration and social care.  If we cannot care for the most vulnerable in our society how will we care for the Earth that supports all life?”


Make sure you can vote!

To vote in this election you need to be on the electoral register.

Voting registration has changed. You may have received a pack in the post in the last six months – but don’t worry if you’ve lost it.  You can still fill it in on paper, but you can also register to vote online. And it is quite simple.

All you need is:

  1. Your National Insurance number
  2. Your address

and that’s it. Follow this link to the government website, and you will be registered to vote in minutes. You can request a postal vote if you don’t think you’ll have time to vote in person on the day.


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