Introducing our General Election candidates

We are pleased to introduce our candidates for the General Election on June 8.

Jonathan Essex, Reigate constituency

Jonathan Essex is a chartered civil engineer and works for an international development consulting company based in Redhill. He is an active community campaigner serves as a Green councillor on both the Borough and County Councils.

Jonathan says: “I’m standing because I think it’s important to give people a chance to vote Green, to make sure that we’re standing up for everyone in the local community. I will work to protect our Green Belt, and to secure the affordable homes we need. I will fight for properly funded public services, not cuts to social care, schools and the NHS – and to ensure the government properly holds Southern Rail to account.”

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Benedict Southworth, East Surrey constituency

Benedict Southworth has worked on social and environment issues for over twenty years and lives in Hurst Green with his family.

Benedict says: “As a former chief executive of two national charities I’ve seen first-hand the importance of having politicians who are driven by what their community needs and not their career within the party.

“Regardless of your party allegiance, everyone in East Surrey will say they need an MP who will listen to all constituents and spend less time focussed on their political career. They would also say they want an MP of principle.

“I’m asking people to step beyond party loyalty and elect a new MP with a new approach. An MP committed to the idea that East Surrey can be place known for its unique character. An MP who will work hard for Green policies.”

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