Introducing our local election candidates in Tandridge

On 2 May 2019, there will be local elections in Tandridge.

We have 3 candidates standing this year.  If there is a Green standing in your ward – please display a Vote Green poster in your window.

And don’t forget to vote for them on 2nd May!

Burstow, Horne & Outwood – Catherine Baart

Catherine is a Science teacher and has lived near Smallfield for almost 30 years with her husband. They have two grown up sons. She wants to work with residents to address local issues and achieve effective, sustainable results, for example pressing for genuinely affordable housing for local people in new developments as well as protecting the rural nature of the area.

Felbridge – Rebecca Peterson

Becky says: “I live in the area with my husband and two young sons. I am a primary school teacher and also work in a Forest School nursery. Children need nature and climate change needs urgent action. The Green Party’s vision is for a better healthier world and is committed to empower this change. Locally I support more affordable housing, public transport and improved recycling.”

Godstone – Peter Murphy

Peter has lived in the area for over 25 years. He says: “I joined the Green Party last year as I realised we need change that no other party is offering. Electing Greens locally and nationally can make a huge difference as we influence decisions, e.g. if weedkillers, potentially harmful to humans and wildlife, are used in our schools and parks, to how our food is grown and how we ensure a healthy and fairer world for our children and grand-children to grow up in.”


See our candidates in Reigate and Banstead

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