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Six Acres of Woodland Destroyed Over Weekend

As many of you will be aware 6 acres of woodland has been cut down illegally between Horley and Gatwick Airport off Balcombe Road. The destructive act happened on November 28th and is being investigated by the police and Forestry Commission. The site is proposed as a business park in a joint venture between Reigate […]

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Horse Hill Judicial Review Debrief

As we wait on the Horse Hill judicial review decision, there is much debate over what outcome will come of it. The judgement is expected within a few weeks. The chance to set a legal precedent has been well documented and cannot be understated. The Weald Action Group is holding an online debrief on the […]

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Councillor Steve Mckenna’s Response to Planning for the Future White Paper

RESPONSE TO PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE WHITE PAPER Introduction The planning system is often misunderstood but it has made an enormous positive impact since its creation in 1947. From a Green perspective it has protected countryside and key heritage assets but its not simply a story about preservation. The planning system has helped build communities, […]

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Making Space for Nature

The Surrey Hills AONB Board has organised a Surrey Hills Symposium and you are all cordially invited. Taking place for free on the 25th November, experts from across the environmental spectrum will join in an online forum to discuss the question: ‘How can we reverse the drastic decline in nature and achieve a healthy natural […]

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The government’s planning proposals: wrong answers based on wrong assumptions

Councillor Steve Mckenna is compiling a response from the local Green Party to the Government’s ‘Planning for the future’ policy proposals – please send your thoughts before Thursday, 29 October and he will try to include all useful contributions in our response.   The planning system is often misunderstood but it has made an enormous […]

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Friends of the Earth and Robert Jenrick to take part in Horse Hill judicial review

Friends of the Earth and Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, have been granted permission to participate in a local campaigners’ legal challenge over oil production at Horse Hill, near Gatwick in Surrey. Local Green Party member Sarah Finch argues that the Council failed to consider the direct and indirect […]

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Art For The Earth

In order to fight the legal battle against the continuation of oil extraction at Horse Hill Sarah Finch has launched Art for the Earth. The initiative will help to raise the remaining £4,500 needed in legal fees. Here is a message from Sarah Finch on the #ArtForTheEarth scheme: Click here   

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Nuclear Weapons and Our Future

The threat of nuclear weapons is a dull, anxious constant for many people. Those who grew up during the cold war will recognise the fear of seeing a plane’s vapour trails in the sky. Whilst nuclear weapons may not make the headlines so much anymore, that does not make them any less prevalent in today’s […]

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One enormous council?

The leader of Surrey County Council, Tim Oliver, has written to the government saying the existing two-tier system should be replaced with one single council. With 1.2 million residents this would make it the largest unitary council in England. The Federation of Surrey Green Parties has issued a statement in response to the proposal, asking […]

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Support Horse Hill campaign

Campaigners are very excited to have secured permission for a Judicial Review of Surrey County Council’s decision to allow 20 years of oil extraction at Horse Hill. The judge gave permission on the basis that one of the arguments against drilling, put forward by claimant Sarah Finch, had not been fully considered. This is good […]

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