Last chance to stop Trident renewal

MorallyWrongThe long-awaited vote on whether to replace Trident, the UK’s submarine-launched nuclear weapons system, will take place on Monday 18 July.

There are currently four submarines, which carry up to eight Trident missiles, each fitted with a number of warheads.

The warheads are capable of hitting a target up to 7,500 miles away and each one is eight times the power of the one used at Hiroshima. Read More »

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East Surrey Green Party post-referendum statement

East Surrey Green Party members and supporters came together at a lively and well-attended meeting on the 5th of July, to discuss the many issues brought into sharp focus following the referendum vote last month.

IMG_20160705_215806With nearly 30 people in attendance, a wide range of concerns were expressed on the current and historic state of UK democracy, the economic impacts of leaving the EU and the single market, maintaining our environmental protections and our rights, and the failures of our own socio-economic system which has grown inequality, but for which many politicians have sought to blame others rather than their own policies.

We have brought together the views of the meeting, and would like to share the following statement from East Surrey Green Party members and supporters, regarding our current situation and our future direction post-referendum:  Read More »

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After the referendum – what next?

Last week, the voted 52% to 48% to leave the European Union.

So what happens next?

The negotiation process for the UK to leave won’t start until at least September and is likely to take at least two years. This means there will be no immediate changes to relations with the EU, and EU citizens in the UK have the right to live and work here.

It will be a long time for the full implications to be clear. Read More »

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Greener In: Join our campaign

On 23 June we’ll be voting on whether Britain should leave or stay in the European Union.

We’ve all heard a wide range of views on this, with politicians arguing fiercely on both sides. So what’s our view?

Greens are strongly in favour of Britain remaining a member of the EU. We believe that by working together we can better face the challenges of the 21st century, from climate change to the refugee crisis. Read More »

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New Green Councillor elected in Redhill

Steve Election L-37Steve McKenna was elected as Councillor for Redhill East in last week’s local elections.

Steve joins Jonathan Essex as one of two Greens on Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

You can read more about Steve here.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Green candidates – all those who voted Green, and everyone who helped with leafleting, canvassing and in numerous other ways, and those who generously donated towards our costs.

Read More »

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Supporting Junior Doctors

Come and meet junior doctors today and tomorrow to find out more about their strike – and learn life-saving skills.

Junior doctors are on strike today and tomorrow across England, in protest at the imposition of a new contract. The new contract reduces the pay junior doctors get for working at night and at weekends. Guaranteed pay increases linked to length of service would also be scrapped.

Read More »

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Your local candidates for 2016

This year, East Surrey Green Party is fielding ten candidates in Reigate & Banstead and one in Tandridge in the local elections on 5 May. This is your chance to get more hard-working Greens elected.

Please support your Green candidate! You can download a poster to print and put in your window. If you would like to help with delivering leaflets, or on polling day, please email

Read More »

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Green MEP speaks at Redhill event

Keith Taylor MEPThe Greens are very good at thinking globally and acting locally, MEP Keith Taylor told members of East Surrey Green Party at a fundraising dinner last night.

“Taking action at a local level and working hard for the community is a brilliant first step,” said Keith.

That’s why Jonathan (Essex), Sarah (Finch) and Bryn (Truscott) [current or former councillors] have done such a good job, and why we need to get Steve (McKenna, this year’s candidate for Redhill East) elected.”

Keith, a former long-serving Brighton & Hove councillor, gave an interesting insight into his work at the European Parliament, where his work includes a particular interest in air pollution, sustainable transport and tourism, pesticides and animal welfare.

In his South East England constituency, he supports residents on issues including planning and housing and campaigns on climate change.

“I’ve never worked as hard as I am now,” he said.

Keith said that on the issue of the EU referendum he supported the Green Party’s ‘stay in’ policy. In that sense the party shares the view of business and Tory leaders but for different reasons, he says.

“Cameron wants to get rid of the ‘Green crap’ and Osborne wants to stop directives that are there to make our common lives better. I want to create a sustainable Europe, based on equality, fairness and a vision of hope.”

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Come dine with… Keith!

Mela dinner event V2Keith Taylor, our hardworking Green MEP, is guest speaker at our fundraising dinner on Thursday 7 April.  Read More »

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Redhill commuters pay fares more than four times higher than European counterparts

[This article was edited on 21 January to add fares including London travel, as suggested by Reigate, Redhill and District Rail Users Association.]

As the campaign to bring the railways back into public hands is back in the spotlight [1], Reigate and Banstead Green Party highlighted that Redhill commuters are not just paying over the odds compared to travellers from Gatwick but fares more than four times higher than for comparable journeys in mainland Europe.

A commuter with an annual season ticket from Redhill to London terminals pays £2,696.00 a year for their 19-mile journey. For an annual season ticket including London Zones 1-6, the fare from Redhill is £3,464.00.

For similar length journeys and also for annual tickets, their European counterparts pay [2]:

  • in France, from the commuter town of Ballancourt-sur-Essonne to Paris (24 miles), £566.89
  • in Spain, from Collado-Villalba to Madrid (22 miles), £603.70
  • in Germany, from Strausberg to Berlin (21 miles), £714.13.

All of these examples are less than a quarter of the Redhill to London equivalent. And all these tickets allow for travel in the capital, as well as to the mainline terminal.

Read More »

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