Proposed new constituency to include South Park and Woodhatch with Horley and Dorking

Some parliamentary constituencies  have more electors than others. To even out electors per MP, the independent Boundary Commission has proposals for new constituency boundaries for 2023. Their proposal is for South Park and Woodhatch and Horley to form part of a brand new constituency with Dorking, called “Dorking and Horley”. This means people in South Park and Woodhatch, for example, would be represented by a different MP to the rest of Reigate, even though most people will feel themselves to be part of the town. Banstead however  – further away –  will stay in the Reigate constituency. Horley’s main roads lead to Redhill and Reigate, not Dorking.

In terms of keeping communities together the proposals don’t make great sense.

You can see a map of the proposed new boundaries here:

You might like to take a look at as well – started by local residents keen to raise awareness of this issue.

In its previous review, the B0undary Commission changed more than half of its proposals to reflect local knowledge submitted by the public. The deadline for responding to these proposals is August 2nd 2021. You can give your views here:

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Green Candidates Call for New Green Jobs

Local Green candidates campaign outside MP Crispin Blunt’s office

Local Green campaigners Jonathan Essex, Shasha Khan, Paul Chandler and Catherine Baart, following Covid restrictions, queued for Green Jobs outside Reigate MP, Crispin Blunt’s office on Saturday, 24 April, as part of a Green New Deal UK national action day to promote ‘Green Jobs for All’.

Shasha Khan said,

“Many people rely on Gatwick Airport for jobs and the economic impact of COVID 19 has hit them hard. Green jobs are an obvious solution to replace those lost jobs. For well under half the annual tax break the Government gives Gatwick, thousands of secure, fulfilling, long term jobs could be created locally to counter the economic affect of COVID, while combatting climate change. It’s a win-win.”


Many people around here have jobs linked directly or indirectly to aviation – in IT, electronic and light engineering businesses. With support, these businesses could lead the transition to green technology, renewable energy, green transport and insulation of buildings, creating many thousands of new green jobs to replace jobs lost in aviation.
With support from central and local government, local businesses, Trade Unions
and workers, a Green New Deal has the capacity to tackle the huge financial crisis facing people and businesses in the
Gatwick and Gatwick Diamond area. At the same time, a Green New Deal will pave the way to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global warming.

The opportunity for the government to fulfil their own ambition to “Build Back Better” is obvious in this area and it can set the precedent for towns in a similar situation across the UK and indeed the world.

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Green candidates pledge to raise ambition for climate action in Surrey

We are pleased to support the ABCD Pledge, promoted by South East Climate Alliance (SECA).  SECA is asking candidates in the upcoming local elections to pledge to take four actions on climate. Greens are fully behind this – below you can see a selection of our candidates with their ABCD pledge cards – and below that, you can read about what elected Greens have done so far, and what more needs to be done.

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Local elections 2021: Meet our candidates in Tandridge

If you would like to contact your candidate, please email

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Local elections 2021: Meet our candidates in Reigate & Banstead

On 6 May 2021, you have a chance to vote for councillors to represent you on both Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

If you’ve got a Green candidate standing where you live, please support them! You can print a poster to put in your window to show your support.

If you would like to deliver leaflets, or join our campaign team, please email

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Local Elections are Fast Approaching!

Local elections are approaching and we will be campaigning to retain our hardworking councillors – and win more. This year there are both county council and borough council seats up for election. We have a great team of candidates who we will introduce shortly.

We are looking forward to getting out and talking to people about the local issues that concern them. Our councillors, candidates and supporters will be following the government’s guidelines for COVID-safe campaigning. Also we will wear masks when canvassing on doorsteps and when we go into blocks of flats. If you prefer not to open the door, that is completely understood.


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How do you want Surrey to be in 2030?

Join us for an online peoples assembly on 22nd April 2021 at 8pm. Sign up for free with the link below and follow it for more information.

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Our right to protest is under threat.

A new government bill is threatening our right to protest. Have your say and raise your voice against this by following the links below.

Here is a letter from Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs, Legal and Planning at Friends of the Earth.

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Print Your Own Poster!

Could you display a poster in your window to show your neighbours and passers-by that you are voting Green?

You can download an A4 poster to print at home using the links below.

If you have a big window, or are in a prominent location, and would like a poster, please get in touch and we will bring you one if we can.

Download your poster here

Black on white (also looks good printed on green or dayglo paper!):

Green on white:

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The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Needs Your Help!

In September 2010, Green MP Caroline Lucas introduced to Parliament a new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) to call on the government to take immediate and radical action to address the climate emergency.


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