Join our Personal Carbon Footprint monitoring scheme

For a number of years Surrey Green Party has run a Carbon Rationing Action Group. Membership has declined however and its impact has been less than we’d hoped for. We suspect that many members found the idea of rationing off-putting.

Surrey Green Party has therefore decided to change the rules and re-launch as a more straight-forward Personal Carbon Footprint (PCF) monitoring scheme. All members, colleagues and friends are invited to join.

Calculating your carbon footprint

Your PCF is a measure of how much carbon dioxide CO2 in tons per year is emitted as a direct result of those activities that are under your direct control and can be simply and accurately measured. We include:
• home heating
• home electricity use
• non-business road and air travel.

To take part you need to record your gas and electricity meter readings at the start and end of the year, record or estimate your annual car fuel consumption, and record any non-business flights. Further details on how to do this are given in the rules. Download the rules here.

The aim is of course to help you to reduce your personal impact on the climate. Measuring the impact makes it easier to focus your efforts on the most effective practicable steps to take.

Win prizes

At the end of the first year we will award a small prize to the member with the lowest PCF. Subsequent prizes will be for the person with the biggest PCF reduction over the year.

The scheme came into effect on January 1st 2012 but you may join at any time.

If you want to join contact the administrator, Derek Smith, at

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