Introducing our Local Election candidates

On 7 May, you have a chance to vote in two elections:

  • the General Election, for an MP to represent you in Parliament. Read about our General Election candidates here
  • the Local Election, for a Councillor to represent you on Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. Read about our twelve candidates below.

Earlswood and Whitebushes – Sue Fenton

Sue is a freelance Sue Fentonjournalist who has lived in Redhill for 12 years. She is active in the local CND and Stop the War groups, and wants to add to the Green presence on the Council to challenge the unhealthy one-party dominance. Sue believes that communities and the environment, not big business, should be at the heart of political decision-making. She came a close third out of five candidates in Earlswood and Whitebushes last year.

Horley Central – Nicky Dodgson

Nicky works in the NHS, at East Surrey Hospital, and is studying with the Open University for a BSc in Social Sciences with Environment and Politics.  She has a history of anti-war and anti-cuts campaigning, and is committed to promoting sustainability, fighting for democratic reform to empower local communities, and defending our public services.


Horley West – David Ord

David Ord croppedDavid Ord has lived in Redhill since 2002, and has had a long and varied career as an engineer, financial analyst, journalist, business writer and musician. David says, “The area faces potentially disastrous social and environmental damage if policies like the expansion of Gatwick and the ‘rush for oil’ are pushed through. The Green Party will bring a focus on sustainability to Council decision-making, putting people first, not profit.”

Kingswood with Burgh Heath – Derek Smith

Derek is a retired professional engineer and lives in Redhill with his wife. He has been a Green Party member for 20 years and is the secretary and treasurer of the local branch. Derek says, “We’re causing so much environmental damage that I seriously worry for the future for my four grandchildren. The Green Party is the only party which takes this seriously enough.”


Meadvale and St John’s – Sarah Vaci

I am a special needs teacher, Eco-schools assessor and filmmaker as well as a mother. I am passionate about bringing together older and younger generations, improving access to local public transport, dealing with traffic and environmental issues and supporting local businesses and charities. I will strive to develop a safer, healthier and more harmonious community in Reigate and am keen to ensure all residents’ views are heard.

Merstham – Ken Yau

Ken lives in Merstham with his wife, daughter and three-legged cat, Tiger. He believes the Green Party is the right choice for people who want stronger consideration given to communities’ interests and social values ahead of pure market forces, and feels the Green Party is the only real alternative to the single-party dominance in Reigate & Banstead.

Redhill East – Stephen McKenna

Stephen is a Chartered Surveyor and Town Planner specialising in urban regeneration. He says, “I’m concerned that there is not enough effort in trying to build sustainable communities – which means bringing back into use our underutilised assets. I am passionate about making better places in which we can live, work and play. I hope you will consider voting Green and if elected, I will bring fresh ideas and renewed energy to make the case for change.”

Redhill West – Kumari Lane

Kumari is an academic lawyer who has lived in the Redhill/Reigate area since 1981. She says, “Vote for the Green Party if you believe in a healthy society with a safe and clean environment; a publicly-funded health service; adequate housing; properly funded, accessible higher education; workers’ rights and good public transport.”


Reigate Central – Soo Abram

Soo AbramSoo is a graphic designer who has lived in Redhill for over 30 years. She says, “Sound environmental policy, freedom, fairness and social justice are entirely compatible with the success of the business sector, local communities and the country as a whole. The shift away from these essential values by the mainstream parties is already damaging society. The Green Party has the vision, policies and will to re-establish these values.”

South Park and Woodhatch – Ian Machacek

Ian is a gardener, musician, writer and wild plant enthusiast who has lived in the Reigate area for most of his life. He has been involved in the campaign to protect the local green belt, presenting a petition with over 1000 signatures to the council and speaking in the subsequent debate. In representing the Green Party he will do his best to bring Ecology and Economy back to their common root in the Greek word oikos, meaning ‘household’.

Tadworth & Walton – Alistair Morten

Alistair lives with his family in Tadworth and Walton, and works as a sustainability consultant helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint. A Green Party member for over 20 years, he believes that only the Green Party is committed to creating communities that are vibrant, inclusive and sustainable.



Tattenhams – Roger Ponsford

Roger is a retired environmental consultant who has lived in Walton-on-The-Hill since 1971. Through his work primarily with construction-related companies he has seen how the design, construction and operation of buildings can be so much more sustainable. He would like to improve the balance of power within the council and be in a position to influence decisions so that more environmentally acceptable options are chosen.


 What you can do

Email your candidate (we will forward messages)

Download a poster to print and put in your window

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