Changes in store for Community Recycling Centres

IMG-20150916-02017Surrey County Council is currently consulting on the future of Community Recycling Centres across the County, with proposals including reduced opening hours, and complete closure of some centres (though this has not been proposed for the Earlswood depot).

Councillor Jonathan Essex comments on the proposals: ‘We should be encouraging waste reduction and proper waste disposal. Reduced opening hours could make recycling more difficult for some, when we should be making it as easy as possible to re-use, re-purpose, and recycle everything we use.’

You can respond to the consultation until the 30th of September- Surrey County Council’s survey can be found here:

Here are some comments we have sent to the Council in response to the consultation:

Community Recycling Centres are a vital part of Surrey’s waste management strategy. To reduce waste in our area, as across the UK, we must encourage and enable re-use and re-purposing wherever possible, and make recycling as easy and accessible as possible, with other forms of waste disposal considered only as a last resort.

Closure or reduction in opening hours of ‘Community Recycling Centres would make recycling more of a challenge to Surrey residents. Ease of recycling for local residents should be properly considered before any reduced opening hours.

Proposals to charge for non-household waste should not affect small-scale DIY projects. Proactive and strong enforcement for improper waste disposal must be in place to ensure that charges levelled at builders/traders do not result in increased fly-tipping.

Supporting re-use of re-usable goods by offering this at Community Recycling Centres is undoubtedly a positive move. However, this should be to the benefit of our community.

We therefore suggest involving the third/charitable sector in carrying out this proposal. This would enable us to draw on the wealth of experience held by charities and volunteers in this area, as well as helping to ensure that the least well off in our local communities benefit.

We would like to see both Surrey County Council and Reigate and Banstead Borough Council introduce measures which reduce waste and increase rather than reduce recycling. This will reduce pollution, save precious resources, and ultimately save money too.

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  1. Eleanor Cooper
    Posted September 27, 2015 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    With the introduction of wheely bins and grey and green household waste containers, all of which I make very limited use (create VERY LITTLE WASTE OF ANY KIND) I feel I am already an unpaid member of your waste disposal team. I make no complaint about this, as I feel we all have a duty to limit the amount of waste we create and dispose of it in a responsible way; however, the financial burden for council services falls heavily on 1 person households. This is patently unfair, and should be rectified. Those who make the greatest demands on services, should, provided their income is sufficient, have to bear the greater part of its` costs. Many parents in the area in which I live, are well-off, yet the burden of the cost of education, and other services provided for their children is borne to a great extent by the 1 person households.

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