After the referendum – what next?

Last week, the voted 52% to 48% to leave the European Union.

So what happens next?

The negotiation process for the UK to leave won’t start until at least September and is likely to take at least two years. This means there will be no immediate changes to relations with the EU, and EU citizens in the UK have the right to live and work here.

It will be a long time for the full implications to be clear.

Meanwhile the Government is in chaos, the economy is facing a crisis and people up and down the country are in serious hardship.

Our society has become divided, with a small elite wielding unfair power and control, influenced by multinational companies and the super-rich.

Many people are scared about the future.  But instead of showing leadership, both the Conservative and Labour Parties are focussing on their own internal civil wars. At such a key moment for this country the political establishment is utterly failing the British people.

While the other parties fight among themselves, the Green Party, and our many new members who have joined in the last few days, will take a stand against any austerity or slashing of environmental legislation that may come with Brexit.

Jonathan Essex, chair of the South East Green Party and a Councillor in Redhill, said:

“With our region and the country divided over this issue, it’s clear that change is needed. But we must make sure that change is one that brings Britain back together – reuniting people, generations, regions – and makes life better for communities now leading to hopeful future.

“We have started a national conversation on our future and place in the world. But the UK has voted leave without a clear manifesto of what that means.

“As Greens we campaigned in this referendum for positive reform, and this reform is now needed more than ever. We must now bridge the divisions highlighted by this vote and politics in the UK, across the EU and with our global institutions.

“So now is the time to build a progressive alliance to change Britain for the better, which means how we do politics must change for the better.”

To discuss these issues, please come to a meeting at 8pm on 5 July at the Toby Carvery meeting room* in Redhill.

The meeting will be an informal discussion on the topic ‘What are we here for? What role can Greens play in post-referendum Britain?‘ led by some of our local members.

This follows a short business meeting for Green Party members only from 7.30-8pm.

*The meeting room is just inside the Travelodge entrance, on Redstone Hill, Redhill RH1 4BL. the pub is beside Redhill train station (exit via Platform 3 and turn right). There is car parking on site, and the meeting room is disability access friendly.

Read about Cllr Essex’s Motion to Surrey County Council

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