Tandridge consults on potential ‘Garden Village’

Tandridge District Council is consulting on possible locations for a ‘large scale development based on garden village principles’.

They are looking at four possible locations:

  • Blindley Heath
  • Land west of Edenbridge
  • Redhill Aerodrome
  • South Godstone

All these sites are Green Belt and so are currently protected from development.

Tandridge District Council believes these sites ‘could be suitable for a garden village and capable of accommodating large-scale development that would deliver notable infrastructure and community benefit, without significant impacts on the wider landscape’.

The garden village would consist of 3,000 to 8,000 new homes, shops, workplaces, primary and secondary schools, healthcare and community facilities, as well as roads and other infrastructure.

Find out more and have your say

You can find the consultation document at http://consult.tandridge.gov.uk/portal/planning_policy/gv/gv

You will need to log in or register to respond.

If you aren’t able to read the documents online, you can see hard copies of the plans at the council offices, in any library in Tandridge, and in Edenbridge Library, Horley Library or Redhill Library.

There are also a number of public consultation events when Council staff will be on hand to explain the proposals. See the consultation website for details.

You can also e-mail your comments to localplan@tandridge.gov.uk or write to:

Tandridge District Council
8 Station Road East

Comments must be received by 9 October.

Our view

East Surrey Green Party is deeply concerned about plans to release Green Belt land to build a new ‘village’.

Green Belt serves several vital purposes. It stops urban sprawl and safeguards space for recreation and for wildlife. It ensures there is land around big cities to provide the food and other amenities they need. And it also makes sure brownfield land is developed rather than countryside.

The Green Belt has done a fantastic job of preserving the character of our towns, villages and countryside in Surrey, and it should be off limits for development.

A national problem

Tandridge Council planning department is caught between a rock and a hard place. They have given in to government pressure to set high housing targets.

The Government has put Tandridge and other Councils in a very difficult position. The South East is already overcrowded, and needs the Green Belt to be protected. Meanwhile, other parts of the country are badly in need of regeneration – with lots of empty housing but no work. The Government could encourage economic development in these areas, rather than continuing to let London and the South East soak up all the economic development.

Locally, we need affordable places for our young people and key workers to live in. That means urban regeneration, bringing empty homes back in to use, and redeveloping appropriate brownfield sites. It does not mean new ‘villages’ in the countryside.


More about ‘garden villages’





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