Hiroshima Day Commemorations

On 6 August 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, causing massive loss of life, hideous injuries, huge destruction of buildings, and genetic damage which lasts to this day. Three days later, on 9 August, a different type of nuclear bomb was exploded over the city of Nagasaki, also killing tens of thousands of people.

Every year these atrocities are commemorated around the world, and we commit ourselves to ensure that this is never done again.

It is worth remembering that today’s bombs are many times bigger and more powerful than the prototype weapons of 1945.

The local CND group is holding a vigil and readings in Redhill and Reigate and a parade between the two towns on 6 August.

  • 11.45 am – gather at Maple Square, Redhill
  • 12 noon – brief reading and talk, followed by a minute’s silence
  • We will then walk with banners via Shaw’s Corner memorial (for a five-minute vigil) to Reigate
  • 1.30pm approx – brief reading and talk, followed by a minute’s silence outside the Old Town Hall/Caffe Nero
  • Finally, we will walk with banners to Priory Park for lunch, conversation and music. Look out for our large and colourful CND Banner.

All are welcome to join for part or all of the event.

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