Introducing our local election candidates in Reigate & Banstead

On 2 May 2019, the whole of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is up for re-election, following ward boundary changes.

We have 18 candidates standing in 12 wards.  Your poll card will tell you which ward you are in and where your polling station is.

If you’ve got a Green standing where you live, please put a poster in your window to show your support.

More photos and candidate descriptions to come.

Banstead Village – Sophie Rowlands

Sophie says: “I am a local GP who feels passionately about social and environmental issues affecting the local community. I also feel it is important to give voters the option to vote for a party other than the two mainstream parties. The Green Party have a strong focus on important issues, including supporting our NHS, and taking a stand on environmental issues.”

Chipstead, Kingswood & Woodmansterne – Shasha Khan

Shasha is a Property Assessor and lives in Woodmansterne with his wife and two daughters, who take part in activities at St Peters Church. He says, “I have a strong track record of representing the community I live in. In 2014 I challenged a neighbouring Council in the High Courts for approving a planning application to build an incinerator. Presently the Conservatives are sitting on a massive majority on the Council which is unhealthy for democratic accountability.”

Earlswood & Whitebushes – Hal Brown, Ruth Ritter and Sue Fenton

Cllr Hal Brown is standing for re-election. Hal was elected last year, beating the Conservative candidate by just 17 votes. Since then he has worked hard to make Earlswood a fairer and Greener place. Local campaigners Ruth Ritter and Sue Fenton are also standing, hoping to join Hal on the Council. Read more about Hal, Ruth and Sue

Hooley, Merstham & Netherne – Chantal Clarke

Chantal is a teacher who has lived in Merstham for 5 years. She was so disappointed not to have a Green candidate to vote for in the last local elections, she decided to stand herself. She says, “The Green Party offers real change by putting people before profit. They have big ideas to address the causes of our problems.”


Horley Central & South – Katherine Liakos

Katherine says, “I am an international development professional who is passionate about social and environmental issues affecting our local community and beyond. I’ve worked in Redhill since 2016 and settled here in 2018, and I’ve been enjoying the Surrey Hills at every opportunity. The consistent hard work of the Green Party counsellors quickly made an impression on me, and I would love to see a government in power that builds a better alternative structured around the needs of both people and planet.”

Horley East & Salfords – Simon Pinto

Simon is a Chartered Building Engineer and local business owner, and has lived in Earlswood for almost 20 years. He has been involved in the community in voluntary roles for a number of years, always putting community first, having served as a Special Constable for 10 years and now as a Beaver Scout Leader. Simon believes in a fairer, and more widely represented society with proportional representation. He says, “Politics needs to be modernised and the Green Party is in the best position to move this forward”.

Meadvale & St. John’s – Soo Abram

Soo is a graphic designer who has lived in Redhill for over 30 years. She says, “Sound environmental policy, freedom, fairness and social justice are entirely compatible with the success of the business sector, local communities and the country as a whole. The shift away from these values by the mainstream parties is already damaging society. The Green Party has the vision, policies and will to re-establish these values.”

Redhill East – Jonathan Essex, Steve McKenna and Sue Sinden

Cllr Jonathan Essex and Cllr Steve McKenna are both standing for re-election. Jonathan has served as a Councillor since 2010 and Steve since 2016. Local campaigner Sue Sinden is also standing to join them on the Council. Read more about Jonathan, Steve and Sue


Redhill West & Wray Common – Joseph Booton, Kumari Lane and Frank Percy

Joseph has lived in the Redhill & Reigate area since 1992. He is passionate about protecting the green public spaces we all know and love, to ensure children and adults alike have lovely places to play and enjoy. Joseph wants to bring a fresh perspective to the local council.


Kumari is an academic lawyer who has lived in the Redhill/Reigate area since 1981. She says, “Vote for the Green Party if you believe in a healthy society with a safe and clean environment; a publicly-funded health service; adequate housing; properly funded, accessible higher education; workers’ rights and good public transport.”

Frank Percy has lived in Redhill for 13 years and works by day as a Design & Technology Technician at the Warwick School, where he has been involved in various green energy projects. By night he works as a musician, performing at several local popular venues. He says: “Voting Green can bring about some radical changes and huge benefits right here in our local community; it is certainly not a ’wasted’ vote.”

Reigate – Leon Deith

Leon is a life coach and runs the Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre in Reigate. He says: “I am passionate about quality of life and taking responsibility for our part in our overly stressed and pressurised society. Time for a rethink on what we are doing to ourselves and the Planet. Time for change.”


South Park & Woodhatch – Lynne Burnham

Lynne has been an active member of the community in Redhill & Earlswood for over 20 years. She says, “I wear several hats: I’m a Mum and I am devastated at the proposed closure of the Stepping Stones Children Centre, a vital resource for many young mums and dads in Earlswood. I’m a Spanish tutor and love instilling a love of languages into my pupils both young and old. I am also passionate about the local and global environment and believe that the Green Party is the only party that is prepared to fight for the future of this planet.”

Tattenham Corner & Preston – Alistair Morten

Alistair lives locally with his family and works in Further Education. As a Green Party member for over 25 years, he believes that only the Green Party is committed to creating communities that are vibrant, inclusive and sustainable.

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