General election 2019: local Greens make small gains

We woke up this morning to a depressing result. We face another five years of Conservative rule, with dire consequences for our communities, our NHS and our climate.

Our two candidates, Jonathan Essex and Joseph Booton, gained on our 2017 results. In Reigate, Jonathan got 3,169 votes, 6% of the total, and in East Surrey, Joseph got 2,340, or 3.9%, double the vote share from 2017. They both did great work raising awareness of the Green Party’s agenda.

And while we were disappointed not to gain any new Green MPs, the brilliant Caroline Lucas will return to Parliament to put forward her Green New Deal Bill, a Future Generations Bill and a Sustainable Economy Bill. In addition, Caroline will continue to campaign for the closest possible relationship with the EU, for urgent climate action and for the protection of our natural world, workers’ rights, human rights – and our democracy.

The results show the disproportionate reality of our voting system. The Conservatives with around 43% of the vote get 56% of the seats and smaller parties lose out, as this graphic from the Electoral Reform Society shows. We need a representative electoral system as soon as possible to end this absurdity!

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the local elections in May next year. Having tripled our number of councillors locally this year, we’re confident we can make more gains in 2020.


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  1. Paul
    Posted May 8, 2021 at 9:32 am | Permalink

    Perhaps you could serve the people of Earlswood and Whitebushes by addressing LOCAL issues like the constant HGV problem.

    • admin
      Posted May 8, 2021 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

      Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. Traffic and road safety issues are very much a focus for us.

      We agree with you about the serious HGV problem. Newly elected councillor Della Torra recently helped secure a ban on lorries over 7.5 tonnes using Pendleton Road after dedicated campaigning. Though according to Surrey Highways this not likely to be in place till September at the earliest. Interestingly, residents on Pendleton Road have seen an increase in HGVs since the yellow signs have been put in place. On Friday morning alone last week, there were 25 high-sided lorries and tipper trucks within one hour (Britannia, Penfold, Browns).

      The recent roadworks in Redhill has seen more heavy vehicles cutting through Earlswood in particular following the diversions – plus of course there was last year all the works traffic heading to the RNIB building site off Philanthropic Road.

      Cllr Torra is meeting with residents next week to do another vehicle tally on Pendleton and Church Road – and happy to do the same for other roads of concern to residents to get a bigger picture of the problem. Please do get in touch with her, or any of our councillors, to discuss your issues and ideas about how to resolve the traffic problems in our area.

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