Difficult times: responding to the Covid-19 emergency

We are in uncertain times as the Covid-19 pandemic escalates in our country and round the world. We don’t yet know the extent of the impacts it will have, but we do know they will be devastating, with great loss of life and difficulties for people, businesses and communities across every sector of our society. Many people are anxious and afraid.

Our Councillors will do all they can to support our communities, working with the Council and the voluntary sector, in line with official advice.

Several of our members have already signed up as Community Support Volunteers for the Covid 19 response – if you’d like to do so, contact

Nationally, the Green Parties of the UK have called for the Westminster government’s emergency legislation to include a Coronavirus Solidarity Pact to ensure that vulnerable people are offered extensive protections and security.

We are disappointed that the local elections due to take place in May are postponed – but the health and wellbeing of our community comes before everything else.

For the time being, we will hold members’ and community meetings online rather than in person. If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us. And if you have ideas about ways in which we can continue to campaign together, please get in touch.

To take one positive message from the very bad situation, the worldwide response has shown that countries can adapt and mobilise quickly in a state of emergency.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unexpected and frightening global emergency. Climate change is just as dangerous but as it seems to be slower moving, governments don’t treat it with the same urgency. While doing all we can to respond to the pandemic, we will continue to campaign for the changes to the economy that are needed to tackle the even greater challenge of climate change.

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