New ways to get involved

We’ve recently set up an Organising Committee, who have been working on ways to make it easier for members to get involved with their local Party. We’ve set up a group on an online networking site called RiseUp.

If you find it difficult to get to meetings, or to help out at stalls or events, but still want to have your say on local issues and contribute your ideas, this is a good place to do it – everyone can have their say, and all the information is kept together (rather than in that e-mail somewhere you can’t quite find!).

Visit the following link to create an account on RiseUp:

Choose a username and password (and an e-mail address if you want to get any e-mail alerts on new topics and urgent information), and click the “Sign up” button. Then we can invite you to join the group – e-mail your username to Nicky at

Once you have been added to our RiseUp group, you can download our RiseUp Idiot’s Guide for help finding your way around.

Joining the group on RiseUp doesn’t oblige you to join the Organising Committee (unless you want to!), attend meetings, or look at and input into all the topics on there; we’re just using it as a tool to encourage more members to input when they are willing and able. It’s a small group at the moment, but the more people come and input, the more ground we can cover, and the more we can achieve between us.

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