Our priorities for General Election 2019

Why vote Green in Reigate and East Surrey?

to sort out the housing crisis. The current system isn’t providing the homes local people need. We need to provide genuinely affordable homes in our towns and villages, which means we can also protect the Green Belt. This means putting people and countryside before developer profits, and making the government fund truly affordable rented homes.

to protect and improve our NHS, schools, care and other council services. Our NHS should be properly funded. We must provide the doctors, nurses and carers in our communities that we need – and improve our quality of life, so we are healthier, mentally and physically. We must stop the Conservatives from handing our health service and schools over to the private sector, and are against a Free Trade Deal with the USA, which would risk takeover of the NHS by American health care firms. And we must properly fund local Councils – and give them the ability to support young people, deal with climate change and make our towns better.

to stop Climate Chaos. Greens have led the way for years on protecting the countryside and calling for action on climate breakdown. Now the government and councils across the country have declared a climate emergency – but that’s not being translated into real change. We need to call out the huge gap between political statements and the scale of action needed. It is time to stop the future from running away from us, and say no to our world of inequality that leaves many barely surviving. Our society needs to stop extracting and burning fossil fuels to power our day-to-day lives. This requires us to transform how we do politics and economics, the scale of consumption and how we get around. We need a national plan that works at a local level, creating new green jobs and making life better for us all.

for a vote to Remain in Europe. The three years since the Brexit referendum has polarised our politics, and stopped it making the changes needed set out above. We need to empower communities to rebuild our society in ways that work for everyone. Greens will let the people decide the way forward with a People’s Vote. Greens would campaign to Remain in the EU for the benefit of everyone, and as the best way to address the issues above.