Alex Phillips MEP to visit Redhill on 25 September 2019

Green MEP, Alex Phillips is visiting Redhill on 25 October 2019.

Alex is touring her constituency promoting her new Green New Deal report, which sets out how we can go zero carbon and create more local jobs.

On the way, she’s meeting with local Green enterprises, learning about what initiatives are out there and what we do to implement a Green New Deal.

She’ll be in Redhill from 2-5pm on Friday. Contact us if you’d like to meet her, or if your organisation would like her to visit:

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Incentives needed to reduce waste and reuse and recycle more

“Should residents be offered incentives to recycle?” is the question the Surrey Mirror put to local councillors this week.  Ruth Ritter, Green Councillor for Earlswood & Whitebushes, responded as follows.

Ruth RitterRecycling is vitally important for conserving the environment and reducing waste. Incentives to recycle for both individual residents and for businesses could well help us to improve our recycling rates but there also need to be incentives for councils to make it easier for us to reduce, reuse AND recycle.

Recycling helps reduce the need for mining, quarrying and logging for new raw materials, which are all activities that harshly pollute the air and water of our planet. They also use energy and generate greenhouse gases, but recycling only saves about half to one third of the energy used to make new stuff.

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Horse Hill: Our Next Steps – public meeting

Surrey County Council has approved plans for four more oil wells and 25 years of oil drilling at Horse Hill, near Horley, in East Surrey.

This would mean a total seven wells (one for water reinjection) – and flies in the face of both Surrey County Council’s and the country’s climate commitments. We need to make a rapid transition away from fossil fuels – not drill for new, hard-to-extract oil. Read More »

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There is no bomb that makes you safer

CND activist, Green MP and anti-nuclear campaigner Caroline Lucas has urged CND members to build broader alliances, including working with other movements, for example Extinction Rebellion, to draw attention to the way both nuclear weapons and the climate crisis pose existential threats to our future.

Speaking at an event hosted by Reigate & Redhill Peace Group on September 12th as part of CND’s Global Dangers tour, Caroline made the point that Trident will be redundant before it is even delivered. “That’s £200 billion wasted on an inhumane, useless – and hopefully soon to be illegal – weapon of mass destruction that is no use whatsoever against today’s threats,” she said. The threats facing us include cybercrime and the greatest threat, climate crisis, which will lead to flooding, increased migration and food shortages all of which raise the risks of war.

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Caroline Lucas MP to speak in Reigate on the Global Dangers of Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change

Green MP Caroline Lucas will speak at a public meeting on ‘Safety and Security in a Dangerous World’ in Reigate in September.

The meeting has been organised by Reigate and Redhill Peace Group and is part of a national tour coordinated by CND.

Caroline, who is Vice-President of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) said:

“We live in increasingly unstable times, where nuclear dangers are growing alarmingly – and it’s happening against a background of the climate emergency, resource wars and mass migration. It’s a complex, rapidly evolving and very dangerous situation. I’m looking forward to our meeting in Reigate to discuss how we can work for a better and safer world.”

The meeting is free to attend, and all are welcome.

  • When: 7-9pm, 12 September 2019
  • Where: Friends Meeting House, 47 Reigate Road, RH2 0QT

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Global Dangers: Caroline Lucas to speak at CND meeting in Reigate

On 12 September, Green MP Caroline Lucas will join Join Reigate and Redhill CND at a public meeting on safety and security in a dangerous world.

The meeting is from 7-9pm at Friends Meeting House, 47 Reigate Road, RH2 0QT – and is part of CND’s Global Dangers tour.

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Climate emergency! Three important events

Climate change is the biggest issue of our time. The scientists’ warnings are getting louder. And the government has taken the first step by setting the long-term target of ending our contribution to climate change. But they need to work faster, and slash our emissions in the short-term to avert the worst impacts.

All of us need to face up to the urgency of the situation and do everything we can to turn things around.

We are acting on lots of fronts. We’ve tabled motions on climate at Reigate & Banstead Council and Surrey County Councils. We support grassroots campaigns and the school strikers. And we have also been working with industry, academia and others to set up a Surrey Climate Commission.

This month there are three exciting events – please come if you can.

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Green Wins across Surrey – breakthroughs onto five Councils

Five of the six Green Councillors: L-R Steve McKenna, Sue Sinden, Hal Brown, Ruth Ritter and Jonathan Essex

Green Council seats across Surrey soared from three to 14 in local elections held on 2 May.

Greens broke through onto five Councils: Waverley; Guildford; Surrey Heath; Runnymede and Spelthorne.

In Reigate and Banstead – where all out elections were held because of boundary changes – Greens took over two seats. Redhill East and Earlswood and Whitebushes now have six Green councillors, who all won with big majorities.

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Local elections 2019: What are we standing for?

Elect Greens to fight for:

  • Action on climate change – and better transport, recycling and protection of our countryside
  • Investment in affordable homes and community facilities
  • A fairer society – we will stand up for disadvantaged residents
  • Stronger opposition on the Conservative-dominated Council

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Print your Vote Green poster here

Could you display a poster in your window to show your neighbours and passers-by that you are voting Green?

You can download an A4 poster to print at home using the links below.


If you have a big window, or are in a prominent location, and would like a poster, please get in touch and we will bring you one if we can.

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