Local elections 2021: Meet our candidates in Tandridge

If you would like to contact your candidate, please email info@eastsurreygp.org.uk

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Local elections 2021: Meet our candidates in Reigate & Banstead

On 6 May 2021, you have a chance to vote for councillors to represent you on both Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

If you’ve got a Green candidate standing where you live, please support them! You can print a poster to put in your window to show your support.

If you would like to deliver leaflets, or join our campaign team, please email info@eastsurreygp.org.uk.

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Local Elections are Fast Approaching!

Local elections are approaching and we will be campaigning to retain our hardworking councillors – and win more. This year there are both county council and borough council seats up for election. We have a great team of candidates who we will introduce shortly.

We are looking forward to getting out and talking to people about the local issues that concern them. Our councillors, candidates and supporters will be following the government’s guidelines for COVID-safe campaigning. Also we will wear masks when canvassing on doorsteps and when we go into blocks of flats. If you prefer not to open the door, that is completely understood.


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How do you want Surrey to be in 2030?

Join us for an online peoples assembly on 22nd April 2021 at 8pm. Sign up for free with the link below and follow it for more information.


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Our right to protest is under threat.

A new government bill is threatening our right to protest. Have your say and raise your voice against this by following the links below.

Here is a letter from Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs, Legal and Planning at Friends of the Earth.

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Print Your Own Poster!

Could you display a poster in your window to show your neighbours and passers-by that you are voting Green?

You can download an A4 poster to print at home using the links below.

If you have a big window, or are in a prominent location, and would like a poster, please get in touch and we will bring you one if we can.

Download your poster here

Black on white (also looks good printed on green or dayglo paper!): http://eastsurreygp.org.uk/downloads/gp-poster-black.pdf

Green on white: http://eastsurreygp.org.uk/downloads/gp-poster-green.pdf

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The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill Needs Your Help!

In September 2010, Green MP Caroline Lucas introduced to Parliament a new Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) to call on the government to take immediate and radical action to address the climate emergency.


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Six Acres of Woodland Destroyed Over Weekend

As many of you will be aware 6 acres of woodland has been cut down illegally between Horley and Gatwick Airport off Balcombe Road. The destructive act happened on November 28th and is being investigated by the police and Forestry Commission. The site is proposed as a business park in a joint venture between Reigate and Banstead Council and Millhill ltd. but does not have planning permission to begin the development. The council has claimed to be unaware of the plans to illegally deforest the area and has placed tree protection orders on the remaining trees. While nothing can bring back the lost original woodland, East Surrey Green Party is in contact with local residents to investigate this incident and seek means to prevent it happening in other places. Please leave a comment down below if you wish your ideas on how this can be achieved to be included.

Devastation at the site. Source: Surrey Mirror – Grahame Larter

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Horse Hill Judicial Review Debrief

As we wait on the Horse Hill judicial review decision, there is much debate over what outcome will come of it. The judgement is expected within a few weeks. The chance to set a legal precedent has been well documented and cannot be understated.

The Weald Action Group is holding an online debrief on the 1st December with barrister Estelle Dehon sign up here.

You can also read the reflections of the Weald Action Group for a more detailed synopsis of the judicial review itself. Click here.


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Councillor Steve Mckenna’s Response to Planning for the Future White Paper



The planning system is often misunderstood but it has made an enormous positive impact since its creation in 1947. From a Green perspective it has protected countryside and key heritage assets but its not simply a story about preservation. The planning system has helped build communities, deliver homes and jobs and is a key component of local democratic decision making.

Sadly this White Paper makes assumptions that are simply wrong  and accuses the planning system as being the disease not the cure, blaming it for failings such as the lack of delivery of new homes. In reality if the issue is one of delivery then the White Paper should have focussed upon giving Local Planning Authorities incentives and resources to carry out steps that would help delivery such as through commissioning, see below.

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